Good Test Data

Get realistic and understandable datasets, not just fake data.

Our datasets are easily downloadable in various common data formats including:

See our Formats FAQ for more information about CSV, XML, Excel (XLS) etc.


GTD has a wide range of text data sets including common words, blog posts, microblogs, comment threads and longer articles. We currently support English and are working on bringing your foreign language sets. We even include images and attachments with blog posts and articles to provide a more authentic good data set.
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You need names, emails and contact information for every data system. GTD provides a range of varying content starting with basic details including first name, family name, email and username. More detailed data sets include title, position, company, and address information.
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There is wide range of tech related data from domain names, IP addresses, User Agents and simulated traffic logs. We also provide many common meta data sets including countries, cities and geo location data.
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Images are important for any system, whether as related media for articles, a user profile picture or product images.
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Sample image from Good Test Data Sample image from Good Test Data


In addition to image files we also produce datasets to act as attachemnts. These include PDF files and text files.
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Per Request

We build to order.

Do you require a geninue unique dataset nobody else can purchase? Have a structure you would like us to fill? Use an open source technology such as a Blog,CMS or eCommerce site that has a predefined structure. We can help with that.

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We are always creating new sets. The list is long including products, text based and image advertisements, events and more.
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Don't waste time creating fake data.
Let us do the heavy lifting.

We build custom data sets to order.
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